Myths and urban legends abound on the internet.  It’s easy to take a picture and slap a factual claim on it.  Maybe it’s a wrongly attributed quotation, or the claim of a conspiracy theorist.  When I see one of these quotes or claims that just seem a little off, I turn to the urban legend debunkers… [Continue Reading]


So, you’re filing or filed a bankruptcy in Maryland, and you’re not using an attorney?  You think lawyers are expensive?  We often are, but so too is the cost of entering into an irreversible bankruptcy without guidance. They call the form that opens a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Voluntary Petition.  Once that petition is filed… [Continue Reading]


While our clients leave feeling happy with the outcomes, none of them come to us happy with the situation they are in.  Depression amongst our bankruptcy clients is one of the biggest obstacles that we, as counselors have to overcome. Depression can be debilitating for many.  Problems become too big to confront and are thus avoided. … [Continue Reading]